Dental Restorations Preserve Oral Health

At Kids & Family Dental, we offer a variety of dental restoration options. The term “dental restoration” refers to any repair or replacement of the tooth structure. A restoration may be as simple as a single-surface filling or as complex as a full bridge or dental implants. Although we perform all types of dental restorations in our office, here are some of the more common types.

Dental Fillings for Cavities and Cracked Teeth

You and your family are likely familiar with the basic filling, the most common type of dental restoration we perform in our office. Fillings are used to repair spots of tooth decay, which you probably know as a cavity, as well as cracked or broken teeth.

The dentist begins by removing the section of decay or damage, followed by an application of filling material. A variety of filling materials are available today, including porcelain, 2 gold and composite resin. The science and technology behind composite fillings makes this material today’s gold standard, so to speak, for fillings. These materials are extremely durable and long lasting, safe to use and they mimic the look and texture of your natural teeth. The exact process and time required for a filling can vary, depending on the circumstances, but this procedure is considered a minor restoration.

The Versatile Dental Crown

Dental crowns are another common dental restoration technique, helpful in a variety of situations. A crown may be used to protect and restore a cracked, worn or broken tooth. For those teeth with extensive fillings, a crown is often used to protect and preserve what’s left of the tooth. We use crowns to cover dental implants, to hold bridges in place, or simply to improve the look for one or more teeth. We even use crowns for kids, to protect teeth that are at extra risk for decay. Permanent crowns can be made of several types of materials, however, most of ours utilize durable and attractive porcelain or ceramic products.

Implants and Bridges Are Dental Restorations

For more extensive restorations, we offer implants and bridges to replace missing teeth. Bridges span the gap between teeth, filling in for one or more missing teeth and are held in place by crowns. Implants replace the root of a missing tooth, with the aid of a metal post that inserts into the bone, just as your normal tooth would. A crown is then used to cover the metal post, preserving the look and function of your own tooth.

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