Digital X-Rays

Kids & Family Dental is proud to offer digital x-ray technology, also known as digital radiography. Definitely not your grandparents’ x-rays, digital technology has revolutionized radiography. Gone are the days where you had to perform complex biting maneuvers and balance painful cardboard slides inside your mouth. No more lead-lined vests, holding your breath or exposure to unnecessary levels of radiation. No more waiting for the film to develop, and no more using harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

Easier, Safer and Faster than the Traditional Method

Even though traditional dental x-rays only expose patients to minute levels of radiation, most of us want to reduce our exposure to any harmful substance. Expectant mothers were forced to avoid the procedure and many parents were hesitant to subject their children to the potential risk. Digital radiography exposes you and your family to only about 10 percent of the radiation used in traditional x-ray methods. In fact, the amount of radiation exposure generated by digital radiography is approximately equal to that of having smoke detectors in your home, living in a brick house or cooking with natural gas!

How Digital X-Ray Works

To begin, the technician places a small sensor inside your mouth, then captures the image with an external digital imaging scanner. This technique is known as intraoral (inside the mouth) radiography. The images are transmitted directly from the scanner to a computer – in real time! – for the dentist to view. Digital images can also be made from outside the mouth, known as extraoral x-rays, depending on the purpose of the radiography. Images are generated as digital files, easy to store, evaluate and enhance.

Less Time, Less Hassle, Better Quality Images

Digital x-rays are easier and faster than traditional radiography, but the benefits don’t stop there. Sophisticated software programs allow the dentist to manipulate your digital images to detect problems that we had no way to discover in the past. With the ability to enhance the image, zoom in on a particular spot in the image or even virtually “remove” a tooth that’s blocking the view of another, diagnosing potential problems is a breeze. Because the images are stored electronically, they make sharing your imagery with other medical professionals and the insurance company quick and easy too.

How frequently you require dental x-rays depends on your age and a variety of specific factors. Kids often require more frequent radiography, to keep track of growing and developing bones and teeth. With digital technology, Kids & Family Dentistry is proud to provide a safer, more effective way to maximize your family’s oral health.