Dental Services

Although lots of offices offer family dental services, Kids & Family Dental is proud to focus on children and teens. Treating kids isn’t the same and working on a miniature adult. Children have unique oral care needs that our dentists, technicians and oral hygiene professionals understand. Each member of our team has spent years learning the treatment approaches unique to children, and we promise to care for your children as though they were our own.

Dental Services Start Your Kids Right with Early Dental Care

Your child’s first visit to the dentist comes as soon as baby teeth break through, but not later than his or her first birthday. Because this first visit can be stressful for parents as well as the baby, our compassionate dentists are dedicated to making the first visit a pleasant experience for everyone. Although friendly and upbeat, our team is also calm and reassuring, taking care to use the most gentle approach. Children don’t begin life with a natural fear of the dentist and it’s our goal to keep it that way. When children start off with enthusiasm about visiting the dentist, they are more likely to maintain that exuberance for life.

Gentle Children’s Preventive Dentistry

A regular schedule of preventive dental visits is the most effective way to avoid problems with oral health later in life. This is especially true when your child sees the same dental team years after year. Our treatment protocols center on teaching kids how to care for their teeth themselves. Augmented with twice-yearly exams and professional cleanings, your children
will have a greatly improved chance of avoiding cavities and gum disease.

We help you teach your kids about healthy eating habits too, along with effective brushing and flossing techniques, creating a foundation for the future. Dental services like regular exam visits and periodic x-rays will help the dentist anticipate any potential problems with tooth and jaw alignment, allowing
your family to get a jump on any needed orthodontic or orthopedic treatments that may be needed.

Kids’ Fluoride Treatments and Between-Visit Care

If your municipal water supply doesn’t provide critical fluoridation, our supplemental fluoride treatments can help to significantly reduce the incidence of tooth decay in vulnerable little teeth. This is also an important consideration if kids partake in sugary snacks or drinks, or if cavities run in your family. For oral care between appointments, our staff will recommend the best toothbrushes and oral care products for your children, depending on their specific needs. Twice-daily brushing and flossing is the most effective way to minimize potential problems. We love your kids but we don’t want to see them any more often than is absolutely necessary!

Contact Kids & Family Dental today to schedule an exam and dental cleaning for your children. Ask us about preparing your baby for his or her first dental visit, so we’re sure to get started on a positive note. We also offer protective mouth guards and other oral protection devices, to help keep that healthy smile safe.